2008 Congress

3rd Weald Chess Congress Results – 5th – 6th July 2008

Open Major Intermediate Minor
1st GM Simon Williams
Ian Snape
Peter Kemp
Callum Kilpatrick
Roger Hutchings
Sheila Dines
Isaac Sanders Barry Miles
William Foo
2nd n/a n/a Robert Fitzgerald n/a
3rd n/a Robert Fisher
Matthew Payne
Adrian Waldock
Nigel Norman
Robert Lanzer
Ravi Haria
Felix Haxby
Tamal Matilal
Harry Gold
Andrea Chlebikova
Grading Prizes David Grant
Jude Lenier
Elliot Auckland
 Matthew Wilson
Sussex Champions:
Sussex U18 George Self Cup Sussex U14 Brian Denman Cup Sussex Girls Anne Gammans Cup
David Grant Matthew Payne Andrea Chlebikova


ID	 Ref	Name	                R1      R2      R3      R4      R5      Total
1	132288G	Williams, Simon K	w17+	b13+	w2=	b5+	w4=	4
2	233318B	Kilpatrick, Callum	w18+	b10+	b1=	w3=	b7+	4
3	220905G	Snape, Ian L	        b6+	w8=	bye+	b2=	w11+	4
4	127445E	Kemp, Peter D	        w21=	b19+	w23+	b16+	b1=	4
5	111878L	Haldane, Robin W	b15+	w16=	b7+	w1-	b12+	3.5
6	231304C	Grant, David J	        w3-	b22+	w11=	b17+	w10+	3.5
7	233423K	Auckland, Elliott	b12+	b11+	w5-	b8+	w2-	3
8	174940H	Bonafont, Philip R	w24+	b3=	bye=	w7-	b18+	3
9	253915K	Lenier, Jude A	        w13-	b17-	w19+	b21+	w16+	3
10	110956L	Fryer, David W	        b20+	w2-	b18+	w12=	b6-	2.5
11	163804L	Lock, Gavin R	        b23+	w7-	b6=	w13+	b3-	2.5
12	243515K	Zhou, Yang-Fan	        w7-	b24+	w21+	b10=	w5-	2.5
13	109189L	Cullen, Anthony P	b9+	w1-	bye=	b11-	w22+	2.5
14	128671H	Vaughan, David O	bye=		b15=	w20=	w23+	2.5
15	253423L	Jones, William EG	w5-	b21=	w14=	b22=	bye+	2.5
16	127645B	Kitson, Peter R	        w22+	b5=	bye=	w4-	b9-	2
17	111484A	Graham, David B	        b1-	w9+	bye=	w6-	b19=	2
18	240130H	Thilaganathan, Jessica	b2-	w20+	w10-	b23+	w8-	2
19	200139B	Salimbeni, George PW	bye=	w4-	b9-	bye+	w17=	2
20	245248A	Rodrigues, Dunstan	w10-	b18-	w24+	b14=	w21=	2
21	119627D	Stayt, James N	        b4=	w15=	b12-	w9-	b20=	1.5
22	260507H	Norton, David S	        b16-	w6-	bye+	w15=	b13-	1.5
23	121624H	Wilcox, R John	        w11-	bye+	b4-	w18-	b14-	1
24	273570C	Nawrot, Zbigniew	b8-	w12-	b20-			0


ID	Ref	Name	                R1	R2	R3	R4	R5	Total
1	113301K	Hutchings, Roger M	b12+	w6+	b5=	b2=	w7+	4
2	231254C	Dines, Sheila J	        b11+	w10+	b7=	w1=	b6+	4
3	110624H	Fisher, Robert HC	w14=	b4=	w8+	b12=	w5+	3.5
4	246394F	Payne, Matthew J	b10-	w3=	b9+	b8+	w11+	3.5
5	117274J	Ponting, Andrew	        w8=	b14+	w1=	w7+	b3-	3
6	185290F	Wilson, Alexandra	w15+	b1-	w13+	b11+	w2-	3
7	269106B	Suarez Prendes, Rufo	w16+	b13+	w2=	b5-	b1-	2.5
8	173127A	Price, Michael C	b5=	w9+	b3-	w4-	w12+	2.5
9	252002D	Gahir, Jasdeep	        w13=	b8-	w4-	bye+	b10+	2.5
10	162291C	Jackson, Paul G	        w4+	b2-	w11-	b13+	w9-	2
11	117990B	Rixon, Tom J	        w2-	bye+	b10+	w6-	b4-	2
12	251417F	Kokossis, Danae	        w1-	b15+	bye=	w3=	b8-	2
13	108682A	Comley, Ian S	        b9=	w7-	b6-	w10-	bye+	1.5
14	116021H	Musson, Fraser J	b3=	w5-				0.5
15	106807G	Bishop, Geoffrey L	b6-	w12-				0
16	174914G	Byre, Peter IR	        b7-					0


ID	Ref	Name	                R1	R2	R3	R4	R5	Total
1	263807B	Sanders, Isaac B	w12+	b9+	w5+	b3+	w2+	5
2	258762C	Fitzgerald, Robert C	w7+	b14=	w9+	w4+	b1-	3.5
3	263798E	Haria, Ravi	        b10+	w11+	b4=	w1-	w5=	3
4	120944K	Waldock, Adrian DP	w14+	b8+	w3=	b2-	w6=	3
5	184140D	Lanzer, Robert A	w6+	bye=	b1-	w11+	b3=	3
6	263087E	Haxby, Felix	        b5-	b7=	w14+	w15+	b4=	3
7	116278A	Norman, Nigel	        b2-	w6=	bye=	b12+	w8+	3
8	270387H	Fitzgerald, Neil A	bye+	w4-	b11=	w10+	b7-	2.5
9	272594A	Engelbrecht, Kevin P	b16+	w1-	b2-	w13+	b10=	2.5
10	111921H	Hall, James W	        w3-	b15+	w12+	b8-	w9=	2.5
11	251335D	Barnell, Terry E	w15+	b3-	w8=	b5-	b16+	2.5
12	254342E	Jones, Laurence AG	b1-	w16+	b10-	w7-	b15+	2
13	245411H	Schortz, Oskar	        bye=			b9-	w14+	1.5
14	259148A	Foley, Phil T	        b4-	w2=	b6-	w16=	b13-	1
15	182086C	James, David	        b11-	w10-	bye+	b6-	w12-	1
16	262208H	Sutton, Daniel	        w9-	b12-	bye=	b14=	w11-	1


ID	Ref	Name	                R1	R2	R3	R4	R5	Total
1	163954H	Miles, Barry S	        b16+	w11+	bye=	b9=	w2+	4
2	111344G	Gold, Harry	        b18+	w10+	b7+	w3=	b1-	3.5
3	115080H	Matilal, Tamal K	bye+	b4+	w6+	b2=	w5-	3.5
4	274605A	Chlebikova, Andrea	b17+	w3-	w18+	b6=	b8+	3.5
5	268790C	Foo, William J	        w6-	b12=	w15+	w7+	b3+	3.5
6	140257C	Fraser, Alan R	        b5+	w8+	b3-	w4=	b9=	3
7	269517A	Halsey, Ian	        w9+	b13+	w2-	b5-	w14+	3
8	254003E	Billett, Stephen J	w19+	b6-	w13+	b11+	w4-	3
9	245966J	Wilson, Matthew W	b7-	w17+	b14+	w1=	w6=	3
10	170114K	Simpkins, David	        w12=	b2-	w19+	b13=	w17+	3
11	277361C	Sutton, Chris	        w15+	b1-	bye=	w8-	b12+	2.5
12	272441J	Graham, Arthur B	b10=	w5=	bye=	b15=	w11-	2
13	248592J	Rodrigues, Benedict	b14+	w7-	b8-	w10=	w15=	2
14	246979A	Kernot, Adrian C	w13-	b19+	w9-	b18+	b7-	2
15	266903B	Brooks, Daryl	        b11-	w16+	b5-	w12=	b13=	2
16	266896J	Graham, William M	w1-	b15-	bye=	w17=	b18+	2
17	115401B	Meaton, Arthur H	w4-	b9-	bye+	b16=	b10-	1.5
18	278608E	Nayee, Yogesh	        w2-	bye+	b4-	w14-	w16-	1
19	278609G	Nayee, Rushil	        b8-	w14-	b10-	bye+	w20-	1
20	251421H	Kokossis, Antonis					b19+	1

Players are shown ranked as below.
This event may have used other tie-break procedures.

1. Points scored (Total)
2. Sum of Progressive Score (sps).
3. Sum of Opponents' Scores (sos).
4. Sonneborn-Berger (snb).